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bookstore visit

January 17, 2009

I decided to visit a bookstore for this blogging assignment.  I figured, how hard can it be to find Young Adult materials?  Well apparently not as easy as one might expect.  For example,  I realized I didnt’ know where to start looking.  My first guess proved to be my best guess.  Teen fiction was located not far fromt he children’s area, but still wasn’t part of the children’s area.  Actually it was right after some non-fiction shelves for “adults”.  I think what I found nice is that it was still relatively close to the children’s area.  What I really disliked is that Teen Fiction sat off by itself, and with shelves back to back so browsing wasn’t as easy as one might  expect.  Actually I think the books were alphabetical by author’s last name, but I just found that I couldn’t browse the same way I do in “adult” fiction.   I’ll be honest, it could be that it was a bit late and I was tired.   I also felt slightly disconcerted because I was asked (by a teen girl), “Aren’t you a little old to be looking at these books?” (I don’t know if there was disdain in her voice or not).  I felt…really weird.  Like I needed to explain or defend myself to a girl I don’t know and will most likely not see again.  But it also isn’t her business that I was searching for a novel for class and investigating how the section is treated.  I sort of took that as my cue to allow her full access.

I was also slightly put off by all the Twilight advertising.  I enjoyed Twilight and the sequels, but all that marketing kind of made me sick, especially since there isn’t any advertising like that in the “adult” fiction.

But I did appreciate that they had a one shelving unit of more popular teen fiction, such as His Dark Materials, and Alice, I Think.


Hello world!

January 16, 2009

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