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Y’all…Sa! (or 10 Things I Learned about Yalsa)

April 15, 2009

1. They have way too much information on the home page.  No, seriously.  I felt overwhelmed.  I felt that maybe there were too many options for me.

2. While examining the votes for the top ten teen books I’d only read two: Eclipse and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Oddly enough they were also the only two I even knew about (though I knew once other author, thank God).  I need to get back into the YA circle of reading if I want to be a youth librarian.

3. That being said I actually knew of/read more than 2 on the 2004 list.  Yay for Harry Potter and Eragon.  (and The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things).

4. YALSA relaizes that teens have many entertainment options.  So we should promote reading (okay we all knew that, but it’s still nice to realize that other librarians/readers realize teens don’t always value reading as much as other activities)

5. Albuquerque is apparently an important city.  In that it’s where the next 2010 Young Adult Symposium is being held.  Not that I have anything against the city.  It’s just…well really who thinkins of going to Albuquerque? (I’ll be honest, the line from National Treasure popped into my head just now where Riley is spouting off words, including Albuquerque)

6. With all the information available I don’t know what to click next.  Even clicking on a link leads to many more links.  Unfortunately clicking on the join us button seems to eventuallys end me back to the home page.  I may need to look into this further.

7.  Actually the only non-confusing or over crowded page is the page with the informationf or the symposium.  This makes me happy because that should be straightforward to those who want to go or submit.

8.  I can become a fan of YALSA on facebook.  I feel slightly odd about this.  Must everything be on facebook where one can become a fan?  If so, why? (I want 300 words on this thought, now!…kidding)

9. I want to figure out how to join Yalsa.  This is rather annoying.  I am not this inept, generally.

10. I’m glad to know there is a site dedicated to libraries/librarians for youth.  Maybe if I was a youth I would be able to figure out how to join.chesire_cat

There is no point to the Chesire Cat, other than Alice In Wonderland is a wonderful novel that youth should read.