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After a year, I wanted to start updating again

September 13, 2010

Wintergirls: Laurie Halse Anderson. Viking: 2003.  $11.37 (CDN through Chapters online).  Hardcover, 278 pgs.  ISBN: 9780670011100.

I had issues reading this book because of personal things.  However, I think this is a terrific book for any young adult girl.  Girls should be aware of the realities and negative effects of eating disorders.  Cass is already dead by the beginning of the novel.  She is survived by her best friend, Lia, who describes herself as living and not living.  She is dealing with bulimia and we see how her view of body and food is skewed and how hard it is on everyone around her as she spins out of control.  She remembers times of being more innocent and parts of the book haunt.  But it is a wonderful work.

5Q, 4P