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The finger bone’s connected to the hand bone…

September 15, 2009

a stie of bones

A Stir of Bones: Nina Kiriki Hoffman. Viking: 2003.  $24.00 (CDN).  Harcover, 208 pgs.  ISBN: 0-670-03551-3.

5Q, 4P

A timid, and very protected  girl gets up the guts to join a new group of friends on an expedition to a haunted house.    What she finds, instead is the courage to voice the secrets of her family with her new friends, the ghost of the house, and House, itself.

Wonderfully written this story holds wide appeal, especially for younger teens dealing with abuse in the family.  This book might be more enjoyable for younger teens or older pre-teens as the main character is 14.  There are plenty of male characters, ghosts, and bones to keep the interest of male readers.